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With our specialised grant fund finder tool, it is very simple to view streams of grants and apply for available leisure centre funding which can be used to develop either existing or new sports and leisure facilities at any facility. Our free tool allows you to easily search, source and obtain funds which will transform centres providing all the latest sport and play facilities available.


For more information on Leisure Centre Funding grants, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our specialist team to receive a thorough response with all the information and answers you need. Feel free to ask any questions you need answering and our team will ensure that you receive a response as soon as possible with all the information that you need.

Best Leisure Funding

Leisure centres are built for public use to serve the community that surrounds them and can be used as an important tool to use when attempting to bid for a grant. You can find more here - which can tell you everything you need to know about improving your surrounding areas. When applying for grants it is important you prove how the facilities serve the community and make certain that you do not just have financial gain as the underlining reason. The centres are commonly in need of more and more finance to ensure that their area is always suitable for the participants of the centre. They have many facilities inside the centre and therefore funding grants is a great procedure that they can undertake to gain all of these funds. With facilities such as a gym and a swimming pool, the funding grants can support the facility to maintain or build these. These are expected to build by members and local people around the facility so they are very important.

The funds are excellent for providing a range of different facilities with enough money to buy the assets that they need. We can provide all of the information on funding grants you need to ensure that you are happy with all the aspects of the finance. Funds are great for gaining fast finance and can make a huge difference to a business or facility. Many businesses closest to you overlook funds and therefore miss out on the potential opportunities to grow their facility.

Fitness Funding Grants Near Me

As athletic activities are commonly held in leisure centres it can be important to improve the equipment to accommodate to everyones needs. You can learn more about athletic kits here - which can tell you about the benefits and importance of having the right tools on hand. Please fill out the contact form provided to find out more information and speak to our experts. 

Leisure Centre Funding Options

At Fund Grants we are dedicated to provide you with all the up to date information on funds in your area. By registering using out bespoke tool you may obtain you can easily view the possibly grant opportunities available in your nearby area and allow your local facility to afford some of the top quality features shown below:

  • Artificial Sports Pitches - All weather facility, AstroTurf surfaces, synthetic grass surfacing

  • Sports Hall Surfacing and Facilities - Gymnasium flooring, multipurpose gym

  • Swimming pools and equipment

  • Cricket Wickets - Synthetic surfaces, artificial practice areas

  • Natural Pitches - Football, rugby, hockey, tennis

  • Recreational Areas - Seating areas, recreational leisure

  • Internal and External Play Areas for Children - recreational safety surfacing, soft rubber flooring

  • Multi Use Games Areas - MUGA court, sports pitch

  • Athletic Tracks and Pitches for Athletic Events - In a range of dimensions and surface types

  • Long Jump/Triple Jump Runways and Landing Pits - A number of specifications and colour options are available

Register using the funds tool above and discover the thousands of opportunities waiting for your centre. We will provide you with assistance from the sourcing the correct funds and finance to information on the application process to give you the best possible chance of success.


There are a range of different facilities that could be perfect for your leisure centre and we are always more than happy to help in finding the funding that is perfect for you. Whether you are looking to acquire anything from a 3g outdoor pitch to gym equipment for your area. It is important that the areas are fully maintained and that the funds are available to do this.

Leisure Centre Grants 

Obtaining funding grants for a leisure centre can be a great way to improve the facility near me and find exactly what you are looking for. Funding grants for leisure centres are commonly spent on gym equipment which can attract more customers to your facility. Speak to our professionals today if you would be interested in learning more and seeing the ways in which funding grants can be perfect for you. 

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If you would like any other information on Leisure Centre Funding please feel free to get in touch with our specialist team via the provided enquiry form as this will allow you to get in direct contact with the experts. They can provide you with a range of information to help you find all of the answers that you need so that you aren't stressed 

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