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Timber Outdoor Play Equipment Funding

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Schools and nurseries are able to apply for timber outdoor play equipment grants and funding for classrooms to help grow the educational areas for the children and pupils to learn. As children will be used to learning inside, giving them the chance to learn outside will stimulate them mentally as it gives them a break from their regular schedule and routine allowing for them to think outside the box. The play-equipment is commonly being installed in playgrounds across the UK due to its many benefits it offers.


If you are still unusre on anything on Outdoor Play Equipment Graphics, please make sure that you get in touch with our specialist team by filling the provided enquiry box. They can offer you a range of valuable knowledge that they have acquired from their abundance of past experience within the industry.

What is Timber Play Equipment?

Timber Play Equipment is the apparatus used in a playground by pupils that is made of wood. The apparatus is very beneficial to both the school and the school pupils due to its long-lasting, durable nature. Without all of the beneficial apparatus , your school pupils could become bored during their break and lunch break and will therefore not be energised throughout the day to do better in school. The pupils will be able to learn much more in lesson if they receive all of the fresh air that they need and therefore we always advise implementing some sort of enjoyable activity in the playground of your school. However, the wooden apparatus is usually installed as part of a trim trail for children to play on as they complete the circuit. Find out more about the funding grants here - which can tell you everything you will need to know. 

There are so many nearby wooden playground apparatus suppliers and installers based throughout the UK and we can easily pass you information on to these contractors and companies if you fill in the contact form on this page, these outdoor companies should also be able to help assist you secure relevant funding and possibly even write the bids for yourself. The funding grants available could be for any of the following items:

  • Classic Timber Outdoor Furniture

  • Wooden School Timber Shelters

  • Schools External Classroom Gazebos

  • Outdoor Play Equipment

  • Timber Trim Trail Playground Equipment

  • Wooden School Canopies

The design and specification of these wooden external products may be tailored to any local school, nursery or educational sector customer because obviously no job seems to be the exact size and dimensions therefore the designs could be made to fit existing school buildings or budgets restraints. With all the different design ideas and opportunities you can create an outdoor learning centre that is unique to your institution. The wood apparatus closest to you looks great for providing the children with an enjoyable activity during their break to have fun and socialise with their friends.

Play Equipment Funding Grants Near Me 

Play-equipment could be a great way for children to improve both their education and fitness. Children in primary, secondary and nurseries are able to get the necessary funding grants which can benefit their health. Please get in touch with us today if you would like to find out more information and speak to one of our play-equipment funding specialists today. 

Timber Apparatus Costs

Costs, Prices and Quotes of these projects also can be adjusted to fit budgets depending on the design specification and the costs depend generally on the size required and complexity of the apparatus, shelter or canopy. If you want some guideline costs for a funding application then please fill in the contact form and a quotation should be submitted back quickly. However the classroom could act as an invest due to the time you wouldn’t be spending inside using electricity and other potential expenditures, this also massively helps benefits the environment which you can also use as a teaching tool for the children


With the outdoor apparatus other works might also be needed like groundwork’s and safety surfacing and all these can be priced in the quotation by the specialist contractors because they can advise on the best suitable surface specification which could be wetpour rubber crumb surfacing, rubber mulch safer surfaces, artificial grass surface or many other safety flooring options that are now being introduced to the marketplace.

Outdoor Play Grants

The outdoor play grants can help all special needs schools which can improve the way in which everyone learns. No matter what the age or size of a child, play equipment can help everyone improve their physical education or education. The funding grants are a great way to make sure every child has the access to all facilites, so speak to us today if you would like to find out more. Just fill out the contact form provided to talk to our experts. 

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For any more information on Timber Outdoor Play Equipment Grants please make sure you get in touch with our specialist team via the provided enquiry form as this will enable you to ask any questions you are still unsure on. Our team will respond as soon as possible with all of the answers you need and can also give you any information you need.

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