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PTA funding grants are available to help schools improve their facilities and many Parent Teacher Associations are not aware of this. If you're interested in applying for a grant please fill in the contact form on this page to make sure you are not one of the 93% of groups not applying for the financial help you are entitled to. Every single year you are eligible for up to £10,000 worth of funding to spend on products to improve your school and the local community.


For more information on PTA Funding, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our experts who will provide you with all the information you require. They will ensure that you're fully filled in on the infromation you require and will also answer all of your questions.

Parent Teacher Association 

Carrying out fundraising events is great to generate revenue but you really need to be making the most of the PTA funding which is openly accessible to your establishment. There are specialists able to assist you every step of the way with bid writing, sourcing fund streams and seeing what would benefit your organisation the most. The options range from new technology like computers, ipads, and laptops to promoting sporting activities and developing links to the wider community. Other outdoor features like play area products are also available, as well as timber gazebos which can be used for outdoor classrooms, meeting shelters, community based meet ups and after school lessons which could give people better chances in life.

Visit this page - to learn more about Condition Improvement Funding which helps schools to improve their facilities.

Whether you're a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) or Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) or a Parent Teachers Friends Association (PTFA) it doesn't really matter as all are set up as not for profit organisations and therefore are entitled to receive grants. These groups are set up to facilitate parental participation in schools and are one-of-the oldest volunteer groups designed to improve lives of children and youth of today. It is also a great advocate for bringing together a community to be stronger and united. Get in touch with us today if you'd be interested in finding out more about the funding grants for all facilities including lesuire centres closest to you. 

What is PTA Funding?

PTA-UK describes the set up as "The national charity representing over 13,750 PTAs across England, Wales and Northern Ireland" which seeks "To advance education by encouraging the fullest co-operation between home and school, education authorities, central government and all other interested parties and bodies." The model of the not for profit society is absolutely perfect for the guidelines set out for opportunities which generally wants to promote the same aims these PTA-UK groups are designed for. If you've got any questions or want to know more on the application process please complete the 'Get a Quick Quote' tabs and we will assist you along the way. 

Parent Teacher Association Funding 

It is always important to consider your PTA when trying to spend your funding grants. The PTA carry out fundraising events and can generate revenue for your schol or establishment, which is why they will always need funding. Both schools and EYFS in your surrounding area will need to consider their PTA when considering their funding grants. If you would like to find out more about the parent teacher association, get in touch with our specialists today. We are happy to give you the information you require which can help you get the school funding. 

Funding Grants for PTA Groups Near Me

PTA or PTFA organisations are not making the most of this grant funding so it really is crucial to make sure you start to access these funds which could be used for so many different applications to improve your school. The National Parent Teacher Associations website really needs to start promoting this more because as the cash is available annually many are losing out on improvements every single year. So do not waste any time and fill in the contact boxes on this page to start the ball rolling in getting your group the funding it is entitled to. The Parents Teachers Associations can access this funding because they take an active role in improving programs, training regimes and working on policies which is supporting the educational requirements to the kids. PTA work in both nearby schools and colleges and focus on having the highest standards for students of all ages. These groups are also promoting families to engage which is enhancing strong partnerships between schools and communities they serve. The grants are made available by a number of sources including Big Lottery, Awards For All, Sport England, Youth Trust, local authority firms, local supermarkets like Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and charitable trusts. These organisations are looking to invest and fund improvements to healther lifestyles, better communities, environment and giving the youth of today better chances to be successful in life.


If you're a PTA-UK organisation then make sure you look to tweet this page to fellow members, share on your Facebook and if you have a website share this link from your site. We need to encourage and give better understanding to all members to make sure you're all aware of every benefit available here. These are benefits which are not being utilised as much as they should be because many do not realise every 12 months this is available again to reapply for another grants application. Please contact us today through the enquiry box and we'll give you the information you need with regards to PTA grants.

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By filling in the provided enquiry box with the questions you need answers to, you will be able to find all the answers you need as our team will ensure a swift, effective response. They can also provide you with all the information you need on PTA Funding to prevent you from any queries you may have.

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