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If you are looking for university funding grants our team can help! Universities are able to obtain funds for various different amenities to provide students with the help they need in a range of products and facilities. You can make use of our specialised fund search advice today and begin your quest for funding grants.


For more information on University Funding Grants, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our specialist team via the provided enquiry box. This will enable you to ask any questions you are unsure on and you will enable our team to respond as soon as possible with all the answers to these questions.

Grant Funds Available

The number one benefit of sourcing the funding grants for universities would be the construction of new amenities or enhancement/refurbishment of existing facilities. A grant may not only improve the practicality for the university facilities but also attracts new students and generates more income from external sources. For example; using financial help to obtain state of the art sports and changing room facility would be extremely appealing to future students, however, can also generate interest from paying customers who wish to take advantage of these services whilst also serving the local community (something which is very beneficial to your application bid process). Our advisors can also assist you when searching for funds to acquire:

  • Indoor sports facilities finance - gymnasium refurbishment, squash courts and viewing areas, badminton courts, construction of a sports hall, multipurpose gym.

  • Outdoor facilities - artificial football/rugby pitch, synthetic grass turf, Astroturf, athletics track, finance for a recreational area.

  • Pathways - decorative stone for recreational area, resin bound gravel, polymeric rubber surfacing, macadam surfacing

  • Coaching / training / teaching.

  • Recreational Area - social seating space, recreational leisure courtyard for the facility.

Funding-Grants can assist you in searching for all the available finance information accessible in your particular area and lead you step by step to the bid application process. We have a large team of in-house researchers who aim to keep you updated with the latest possible grant opportunities free of charge saving you a great deal of time and effort when aiming to locate funds. The range of different necessities that a facility may need funding for are very important for the student's enjoyment and participation. Therefore, we always recommend that all of the funding grants options are researched thoroughly as this will ensure that you choose the best option for you. You can learn more here which can tell you more about private school funding. However, we are here to help you in finding this perfect option so please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

University Funding UK

Obtaining university funding can be crucial to improve the facilities and education for the pupils. Every uni closest to you'll require funding grants to improve what they can offer to students, as well as the surrounding areas. Universities may choose to invest their funding on surfacing and equipment such as mugas which can help better the sports and fitness of all pupils. No matter what you feel you need to improve for your nearby facility, the funding grants are available across the UK. Speak to the specialists near me today if you would like to learn more and find out the crucial information. 

Searching for Opportunities Near Me

By contacting our team today you can open a vast array of possible funding grants sources in which you could apply for money for your particular facility at your own leisure. With over 9000 organisations available to you, it displays an endless catalogue of possible opportunities in which you may be eligible for. There are many different types of grants available at your disposal so enter your criteria and open the doors to your grant fund requirements. Please complete the contact form to receive more information on what is available to your university. Due to the many students that a University has to cater for and look after, there are so many different options that can give you the perfect amount of finance that you require to build the facilities that you need. This is excellent for many different Universities as their students will get a better learning experience during their day.


Whether the facility is looking for anything ranging from an Athletics Track to an External Classroom, you'll be able to gain all the finance required to gain you this facility. At a University, it is quite common to find students who are living on the University Campus struggling due to homesickness and new facilities could make this much easier. Without the finance available, the funds are great for providing all of the money needed to do this. Find out more about funding grants for universities and academies here which can help you find the funding suitable for you. 

UK Uni Grants 

Whether you are looking for uni grants to improve the facilities or education, you'll get a great final outcome. It is always important to try and better you university wherever possible which is why you should always find the funding you are entitled to. We are happy to show you everything you will need to know to find what would suit you. Just fill out the contact form below to speak to our university funding specialists today. 

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By filling in the contact form, you will be able to find out much more regarding University Funding Grants and you can also ask any questions you feel necessary. This means that all of your potential queries will be put to rest and you'll be assured with all information that you require. Our team are very experienced and are always happy in assisting you with all of the questions you have.

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