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Outdoor Timber Classroom

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If you are looking for a grant for an outdoor timber classroom we can help. As the weather begins to get warmer, the children at your school will be looking for any excuse to go outside, so why not give them one? Specialist contractors can construct and install a brand new outdoor timber learning area to stimulate your students, give them a break from the potential tedium and monotony of the everyday school routine. Funding is available for these canopies, school gazebos and outdoor classrooms so please do not hesitate to fill in the contact form for more information on the funding opportunities.


For more information on an Outdoor Timber Classroom near you, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our specialist team by filling in the provided enquiry form. This will not only allow you to request all the information you need, but will also allow you to receive all the answers to any of your questions.

External Wooden Classroom

With an outdoor timber classroom teachers can improve their lessons and make them fresh and exciting for children, leading to more engagement from the class and ultimately more learning. The educational sector are always looking at ways to improve the way we teach and encourage the children / pupils to learn so these structures are a great way to keep the kids focussed and with different environments hopefully generate different thoughts and ideas. With funding grants available from many organisations these wooden classrooms and timber furniture are a perfect solution for all schools and nurseries closest to you. The timber facilities also look really nice when installed in a school playground and therefore we always recommend that you consider building one if your playground does not have one already. Most schools are now implementing these facilities due to the many benefits they provide. Also, Ofsted are now awarding more and more marks for external classrooms as they recognise the influence that they can have on the pupils. 

Outdoor Learning Funding Grants Near Me

When looking at outdoor learning facilities you are able to use these educational features for a range of uses Whether it is for a primary school, or OAP Nursing home, the timber outdoor classrooms could be a great way to help educate everyone of all ages. If you would like to learn more, please contact us today. We are happy to give you all the information you require to get the best results from your funding grants. 

Best Learning Facility

With the construction of an outdoor timber classroom you'll be doing the environment a world of good by helping combat the over use of electricity. However you can also have heating installed within the classroom, meaning that the room is accessible all year round making it perfect for classes to take turns in using. The classroom is a great feature that may be added to any playground due to its many benefits to both the children and the school near me. By learning outside, the children can get the fresh air that they need and therefore there attention spans are drastically widened. This is an excellent advantage as it means that they are able to learn much more than they normally would be able to. For schools, this is also highly beneficial as the teachers can do a much better job of teaching the children to ensure that they achieve better results in tests and exams. The local school's image is usually reflected through this so by giving the pupils all of the facilities they require, the school has a much better chance of improving their image.

Outdoor Timber Classroom Costs

The classrooms can also add a very aesthetically pleasing look to the secondary school as well as these wooden shelter gazebos or specifications can be designed tailored to the customer and majority of schools / nurseries seem to want different sizes, dimensions and shapes for the learning facility.


This obviously leads to difference in costs dependent on the size of the classrooms and it's always best to try and get a budget in place to work on for the structures because working within the budget is crucial and trying to maximise the best options for the customer. The nearby learning facility will fit in your playground regardless of surrounding areas and can be made to your exact demands and specification. Find out more about the HPCF here - to get funding to improve children's health.

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Please fill in the contact form if you need any costs, quotes or budget prices on these outdoor classroom structures because then with an official quote it is easy to try and apply for funding grants opportunities within the UK. The external wooden school classrooms can be designed and installed with safer surfacing included in the project which could include wet pour safer surfaces, rubber mulch safety flooring or artificial grass surfacing. All these can be priced and costed and written into the funding grants bid.

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