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Primary school funding opportunities can be difficult to find and this website has been named by many as the 'compare the market' for funding opportunities. This website is designed and constructed to help assist primary schools receive funds and is also totally free. If you contact us we can show you where to apply for education sector funds and is updated in real time meaning every hour new fund companies could appear which you might be eligible to apply to.


If you would like to find out more on Primary School Funding, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our specialist team via the provided enquiry form found below. This will allow you to receive all the information you require and you will also be able to ask all the questions you need answers to.

What is Primary School Funding?

Primary schools are able to apply for funds and grants to over 9000 different fund organisations and we will help you source the best places to apply. All the funders vary from the amount of cash and money available, with some having a grant matched option, set limit grant values or even full funds dependent on the criteria and application. Applying and locating grants to junior schools and finance for projects can be stressful so the primary school funding advice we offer is great in helping identify all relevant possible avenues to source the information needed. We could then help advice, guide and hopefully secure funds for your primary school. The assistance provided from the in house software keeps track on all the opportunities available and gives solutions, avenues and funding streams that would never be found by manual online searches. 

The funding grants information is updated in real time meaning the grant and fund lists are full of up to date information including eligibility criteria's, requirements to succeed in a bid, how to get the best out of your school and most importantly where the cash, money and finance are available at this present time. There is nothing worse than constantly ringing around thousands of fund organisations to see whether they currently have available cash finance to meet your facility enquiry so why not let the fund tool which has been named as the 'compare the market' for funding opportunities. These searches could include:

  • Playground - Safety surfacing, rubber flooring, play area equipment

  • Pathways - Decorative resin bound stone/gravel, rubberised surfacing, macadam surfaces

  • Outdoor Classroom - Canopies, wooden gazebos, timber shelters

  • Indoor Sports Facilities - Sports halls, gymnasium, squash courts, badminton courts

  • Outdoor Sports Facilities - All weather pitch, artificial turf, plastic grass for rugby, synthetic turf for football and artificial grass for hockey surfacing

  • Refurbishments - junior school building renivation

  • Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) - Tennis, basketball, netball, 5 a side football

  • Sports Training - Specialist teaching and coaching for pupils

Funding for Primary Schools UK

Funding grants for nearby primary schools is crucial to ensure children get the greatest education possible. You may choose to get a grant for new gym equipment which you could learn about here - which can dramatically improve the kids' fitness levels. All primary schools in your surrounding area can benefit from funding grants which is why you should always look to find what is available to you. Please fill out the contact form provided to speak to one of our funding grants professionals today. 

Educational Funding

Installing new, exciting features to a primary school can be a great way in which you could improve a child's education and make them excited about learning. One way you can better your facility is by installing a muga to your outdoor area. You may find out more about multi use games areas which can tell you about the greatest ways in which you can use your grant. We always recommend looking at what features your primary school already has in place before decidng upon the new features. Contact us today if you'd like to learn more about the funding grants for primary schools closest to you, that you may be entitled to. 

Funding Grants for Primary Schools Near Me 

Primary schools are a perfect organisation to apply for education sector funds because at present the government are trying to improve children and kids' education and involvement in sports as research has shown early years involvement in sports and play reduces health issues. Therefore many grants and funds are available for schools so if you're a primary school in need of a possible grants opportunity then contact our advisors today to see what is available. Funds for junior schools in the UK can be available every 12 months and this is where many educational sector establishments do not realise so are not making the most of their 10k annual allowance and this could go a long way towards new products to improve their school. The grants for local junior schools is also available to the PTA  because as these groups are a not for profit set up this allows them to make the most of the monies available. Make sure you are not one of them who is making the most of these fund streams because big loterry, sport england, youth trusts, awards for all and many others have got the cash to give out if the bid is written to meet their guidelines. It also allows you to create better outdoor spaces with safety surfacing and play equipment, and provide kids with more chances to join extracurricular clubs.


Bid writing is very important and needs to be carried out by someone who is a professional in this language because it is very important that the bids being written meet the guides set out which might be to improve healthier lifestyles, give folk better chances in life, improve the environment or help to improve bringing the community together. The community is a big part to receiving the money because if you can demonstrate in the writing of the bids that it will directly benefit the whole wider community this helps massively and especially if you've already been doing fundraising ideas to promote this aswell.

Other Education Grants We Offer

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Please fill in the contact form on this page to speak to a member of our team about the list of fund organisations available. Good luck with your application for funding-grants we hope you are successful and receive all of the information you require.

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