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Nursery Funding Grants 

Nursery funding grants are available for various different amenities to provide early learners with the support they need on the first step of their education. You can get in touch with our specialised nursery funding grants advisors today and get starting on your quest for EYFS grants. There are many different things that a nursery could require and therefore we always understand the requirement of funding as it will benefit the youngsters greatly. Whether this is for a new surface on the playground or even something such as football coaching for the children, we are always happy to assist you in finding the best funding for you.


If you would like any more information on our grants, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our local nursery funding specialist team by completing the provided contact form. This will allow you to be in direct contact with our experts who will provide you with all the answers to any of your questions and can also help you by providing the information that you need.

Funding Nursery Children

It is important that in their early years, children are able to be taught in a social setting which will enhance learning and allow them to progress easily through school and beyond. Our Early Years grant advice is specially designed in order to source the best possible opportunities possible to fund new and improved facilities for kids at your facility. This new play equipment can help improve the ways in which children play with others as well as alone. The nursery funding grants available for children's nurseries across the United Kingdom are almost unlimited however some examples of available grant finance are as follows:

  • Indoor Playground - Soft play area, kids play equipment, soft playground flooring.

  • Outdoor Play Areas - Rubber safety play surfacing, soft play equipment, graphics for learning children.

  • Refurbishments of Existing Play Areas for Kids - Used for leisure and recreational purposes.

  • Finance for children and improved Leisure areas at your EYFS group

  • Finance for outdoor nursery classrooms and recreational seating areas.

  • Resurfacing - Pathways, gardens, recreational leisure areas.

  • Small Sports Areas - Artificial grass pitch loans, football turf loans, leisure lawn loans, netball sports court, tennis court, recreational grass.

Applying for Grants Near Me

With our early years nursery funds search it's extremely easy to source good quality finance opportunities in a fast but effective manner helping nurseries all over the UK apply for grants. To get started contact our team and we will search through all the relevant information in order to help you with your search and encourage you further through the application process. We have a various amount of funding grants available-to nurseries to help provide them with great outdoor activities and external furniture to allow them to receive all the benefits they require. The children will enjoy different aspects of the day if they are given new equipment. For example, outdoor benches would be great as they would allow the youngsters to enjoy the fresh air and nice weather during the summer.

Here at Funding Grants we have a large group of professional researchers closest to you who take pride in sourcing the best quality opportunities available in the UK and offer assistance in the application process also. It's our job to guide you through to process in order to give you the best possible chance of being successful the bid and gaining sufficient financing help for children at your organisation. If your search for nursery funding help kids in their surrounding community you will stand a much better chance of being awarded with a grant that would enhance your yearly nursery budget and allowance.

Nursey Funding 

When trying to gain funding grants for nurseries you are able to gain all the equipment and tools necessary that can improve your facility. Equipment should be available that will help children prepare for primary school and their further education.


We aim to find you the nursery funding that would be suitable for your facility and get you exactly what you are looking for. Speak to our nearby funding professionals today to find out more by filling out the contact form provided. We are happy to give you everything you need to know and supply the information you require. 

EYFS Funding

We understand that there are a range of different factors that an early years facility could require funds for. Whether this is through surfaces for playgrounds or activities such as sports coaching, we are always happy to assist you in finding the funding grants that you need. This is great as you will gain the finance fast and the youngsters will be able-to enjoy their new nursery features quickly. It is crucial to get a surface replaced as soon as possible if it is damaged or hazardous as the children could badly hurt themselves during break or lunch break and the facility would therefore be responsible for this. Other activities for the youngsters such as sports coaching are excellent as they allow the children to fully engage and have as much fun as possible with a range of different external activities. Learn more about the EYFS funding here to see how this can benefit you and your facility. 

Other Education Grants We Offer

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For more information about the grant finance funds for nurseries and early learning centres and across the UK please contact us to get started through the enquiry box above. We have an abundance of past experience in the industry and can give you all of the answers to your questions that you need.

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