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Offering special needs school grants is very important to ensure that children with disabilities are entitled to the best education. It is extremely important that special needs schools children with special educational needs receive all the possible grant funding that is available to them. A specialist school is often top of the list for receiving grants which will provide money and finance for amenities such as new and improved play areas, specialised learning equipment for classrooms, an increase in staff and much more.


If you would like any more information on Special Needs School Grants, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our specialist team via the provided enquiry box found below. This will allow you to ask any questions you are still unsure on and our team will respond as soon as possible with all the answers to these questions.

What are School Grants?

School grants are the funding that provides a school with the finance it needs to grow and improve its current facilities. It can allow a school to invest in new facilities such as external classrooms or they can choose to invest it in activies such as sports day or sports coaching. It is becoming increasingly common for Ofsted to award more and more marks for these investments as pupils are given all of the different items they need to succeed. However, these are not only just available to the schools. In the past, we have supported many different facilities and activities such as sports coaching, surfacing for pitches and more.

What are Special Needs Grants?

With our helpful knowledge and advice it is possible for Schools across the UK to find grants that can make a positive difference to children with learning difficulties or disabilities. By inputting your information into the grant system you can unlock an unlimited amount of funding and grant prospects that your organisation may be eligible for. We will offer you our support in locating, applying and securing finance for a wide range of facilities that will improve your educational facility. Facilities that a Special Needs School may be eligible for and find in their search include items such as: soft surfacing, equipment, playground flooring, rubber safety surfaces, soft apparatus and wet pour graphics/visuals to assist young kids and improve the learning environment. This can also include classrooms and other surrounding areas which can impact how children learn. Refurbishments of existing play areas for children can also be great for ensuring that all of the leisure spaces for kids are fully cleaned and controlled. Funds can also provide the finance for activites such as summer classes for kids. If you need a resurface of maintenance of any paths, parks or leisure areas for recreational activities or you need an installation of artificial grass pitch, football turf, leisure lawn, netball court, tennis court, basketball court, synthetic turf, 5 a side astroturf pitches, then funding should always be a considerable option. This is because the funding will allow you to receive all of the money quickly to ensure that you can start these as soon as possible.

If you would like some more information on the products which can be bought through funding, please get in contact with us today by completing the form on this page. We'll come back to you as quickly as possible with some helpful advice.

Special Schools Finances Near Me

Specialist schools are a high priority as they meet all the requirements to succeed in a bid. Children with disabilities require different types of specialised facilities to aid them with their learning when compared to other schools. The amount of equipment that can be obtained by being successful with grant funding is endless and our software is updated in real time showing all the latest up to date information about grants that match your criteria. This may include items such as; sports facilities, internal and external soft play areas for kids. In many cases, Special Needs School funding is commonly overlooked by facility owners because of alternate options that seem more plausible. However, local schools frequently miss out on the oppportunity to grow and improve their current situation because they choose against funding.


The funding can help an educational facility to build a range of facilities including facilities to benefit special-needs children or external classrooms that will help the facility to grow and improve drastically. By employing a facility that will benefit special-needs children, the educational facility will be proving to parents that it cares for every pupil. This could even gain Ofsted marks and provide the area with more potential pupils as their parents will be happy with this. Learn more about special needs schools and academies finances here to find what you are entitled to. 

How do I apply for School Grants? 

It is always important that you look into funding school grants for special needs schools closest to you, as this can ensure you have the best equipment to improve their education. Whether you have an EYFS facility or any other learning centre, you should always get the latest tools which can improve the ways in which the children learn. Speak to our nearby funding specialists today if you would like to find out more information regarding the grants available to you. 

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Funding Grants not only sources the available grants but also provides help in applying online making what can often seem quite daunting and time-consuming process a simple search away. The options available to you as a special needs school can be viewed instantly by contacting our team through the form above. We will get back to you and sort through the large range of funders wanting to provide money to your organisation.

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