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Early Years Grants Funding

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If you are looking to get finance to improve facilities at your EYFS nursery or playgroup we offer specialist help and advice to get you the best opportunities. These organisations can receive financial grants to help with buying new equipment, installing play areas and making improvements to the learning environment. Please complete our contact form to find out about all the different organisations and routes you can go down with help from our consultants.


The contact box below will enable you to ask any questions regarding Early Years Grants Funding. You will then be able to receive the answers quickly as our team have an abundance of past experience and are always happy to help. We are able to give you all the support regarding funding grants here - which can tell you everything you need to know. 

What is EYFS Funding?

EYFS Funding is the finance gained for an educational facility to improve their For children in the Early Years Foundation Stage of education, it’s important to have interactive facilities which they can use to play games and learn new skills. Things like this are always recommended and encouraged by OFSTED and the National curriculum to ensure that children have the best chances. Many nurseries don’t have access to good quality equipment or outdoor spaces, so the opportunities could be really beneficial in improving these areas. Products that may be bought through early years grants funding must be able to meet different objectives such as improving healthy lifestyles, giving people better chances in life and bringing the community together.

Some of the most popular features which are installed for Early Years groups and nurseries include outdoor play areas, timber classrooms, role play panels, creative play equipment and small sports areas. These facilities could be used by the children during the day to increase their activity levels and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Things like outdoor classrooms and sports areas near me can then be used by other members of the local community for group meetings and training for different sports. See our page on CIF - to find out how you can get Condition Improvement Funding.

If you're looking to apply for Early Years Foundation Stage Funding to improve your facilities and create a better learning environment in your surrounding area, please contact us today. Our specialist team will be able-to guide you through the application process and help you to obtain a grant. We have an abundance of valuable past experience and are always on hand to assist you in finding all the answers that you need.

EYFS Grant Specialists Near Me

We have worked with many nurseries and organisations as EYFS grants specialists to help them buy and install new features to benefit the children and people in the local area. By having good quality outdoor facilities, equipment and toys, the kids can learn and develop fundamental skills while also becoming more active. Things like activity trails, external classrooms and educational play areas are ideal for helping kids to develop both cognitive and physical skills.

They can enjoy a range of imaginative and creative activities while learning things like phonics and road safety. If these facilities can also be used by members of the local community, it is more likely that you will be successful with the application. Certain facilities such as external educational classrooms will allow the children to learn much more than usual as they will be gaining all the fresh air that they require. This is great as it means that the school will also seen benefits as the teachers will be able-to complete their job to a much higher degree to allow the pupils to get better test results.

Funding Support

It can be difficult to know where to start if you're thinking about looking for early years grants funding or applying for grants, so we make the process simple and easy. Our nearby funing specialists can offer you all the advice you need and help with the funding journey to ensure you have the best chance of being successful. There are a variety of different products and equipment that you could try to obtain early years grants funding for to improve your learning environment through maths games, imaginative features and activity courses.

These give the children better chances to be active and improve their skills in a fun environment. If you are bringing the community together and helping to encourage healthy lifestyles as well, this has even more benefits and is more likely to be accepted for grants. A grant can drastically help a school closest to you in gaining new facilities that would help the school children to learn and do better by gaining better results.


No matter what the reason may be, you are able to get funding grants for a range of uses including public parks that can be enjoyed by everyone. Simply get in touch with us today if you'd like to find out more information and details regarding the funding we can support you with. 

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To find out more about the Early Years Foundation Stage grants opportunities please fill in the contact form on this page with your details so we can send you more information. Our funding experts can help you through the whole process of sourcing a grant provider; helping you choose the products you want and completing the application so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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