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Public Open Space Funding

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If you are looking for public open spaces funding we can help. There are many public parks across the United Kingdom that are crying out for a rejuvenation in order to bring them back to life. At Funding Grants, we offer you support when searching, applying and sourcing all the different funding opportunities available and our completely free advice is specially designed in order to deal with specialised information and offer assistance to anyone seeking grant funding.


If you would like any more information on Public Open Spaces Funding, feel free to contact our specialist team who can provide you with all of the information you need. They can also answer any of your questions so the sooner you get in touch, the sooner you will receive a response.

What is Public Spaces Funding?

Public Open Spaces Funding is the best method for you to gain finance to provide public spaces for your facility. There are a range of different facilities that we can provide for. Our team can aid you when sourcing funds for parks and can help you gain funds for amenities such as:

  • New Landscaping for Old and Tired Communal Parks - Including artificial surfacing with synthetic leisure grass for parks, replacing old natural grass surfaces.

  • Play Area - Playground area construction or renovation for children within the community. Including play equipment play surfacing, soft play safety areas.

  • Sports Amenities - Sports equipment, sports pitches, sport surfacing for football, rugby, hockey, tennis, netball, basketball, golf putting greens etc.

  • Park Equipment - Benches/seating areas, toilets, dining areas and much more.

Park Funds Opportunities

The list of possibilities and benefits that come with obtaining a grant to renovate the park in every area is endless. The extra finance attained through funds can instantly improve your spending power and allow you to design the perfect park for your local park. This will provide an instant lift to your community providing a rare place for children to play and adults to commute on a nice summer's day. Many facilities now miss out on the range of opportunities available to them due to the finance they lack. For that reason, we always attempt to support the facilities to allow them to achieve these goals and possibilities. We can offer funding for many other areas and not just Public Open Spaces including schools and nurseries across the UK. For schools, we can provide funds to allow them to finally purchase anything from tennis courts to sports coaching to allow the school to achieve their goals whether these are to engage the children more or to allow the children to have more fun.

Public Funding Grants Near Me

When looking for public funding grants it is important that you consider what will make the most impact to your surrounding areas. All public spaces can make full use of EYFS play equipment which can help benefit the area. Speak to our specialists today if you are interested in finding out more regarding funding grants and how they can impact you.

Successful Grant Bids

It will dramatically improve your chances of obtaining finance for parks in your area if the money from the grant will improve the local community. In order to submit a successful application it is important that you fully understand the eligibility criteria of the proposed finance for parks within the UK. Our specialist advisors will not only provide you with the information regarding the type of grants available in every area but will also give you advice on how to succeed with your park grant fund bid.


The funds are great for a facility in need of funds as soon as possible as they will be able to ensure they don't miss out on a certain opportunity. Many facilities commonly miss out on the chance to grow and improve their area because they simply cannot afford the improvements. In some cases, the funds are essential because they will make the area much better. For example, a primary school requires some sort of enjoyable activity in their playground to ensure that children do not become bored during their break in the day. This is due to the benefits offered to a school if the children enjoy their break in the fresh air because they will have wider attention spans in their return to a classroom and will therefore perform much better and achieve better results to enhance the school's image.

We also offer funding for OAP Nursing Homes to help organisations with every day costs or renovations. Check out our page here to learn more.

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For more information on grant funding for parks and how you can easily apply and obtain funds to fully renovate the park in your local community please click complete our enquiry form today and uncover the many opportunities in your area.

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