School MUGA Funding in Advie

School MUGA Funding in Advie

If your school is in need of a new outdoor sports and play area, why not applying for a grant to have one of these installed in a choices of fun designs.

Sports Facility Grants in Advie

Sports Facility Grants in Advie

Schools, nurseries and early years groups can all apply for funding to improve their outdoor space with engaging MUGAs to encourage activity and healthy lifestyles.

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MUGA Pitch Funding in Advie

We offer help and advice for schools when it comes to MUGA pitch funding in Advie PH26 3 as well as various other grants. This is used to install outdoor MUGA facilities that the children can play different activities on during lessons and extracurricular clubs. The new games spaces can also be used by members of the local community outside of school hours to increase physical activity and health. Our specialist consultants are here to help you with applying for grants to build a brand new sport facility. Feel free to contact us through the form on this page and we’ll get back to you to discuss the different options.


For more information on MUGA Pitch Funding in secondary schools click here - or please don't hesitate to get in touch with our specialist team via the provided enquiry form found below. This will ensure that you are able to ask any questions you are still unsure on and recieve a swift response from our experts who are always happy to help and have an abundance of experience to ensure that your query is solved.

Funding a Pitch Near Me

In both primary schools and secondary schools, multi use games areas are commonly used for a range of sports, games and activities. Ofsted often recommend having one of these areas so that the children can enjoy being active and doing different things. Many schools do not have good quality MUGA facilities and outdoor spaces. This means that the kids can’t always enjoy a range of sports or activities during outdoor play and PE lessons. By installing a new MUGA pitch through funding grants, you can encourage healthier lifestyles for your pupils and members of the wider community. The multi use games areas come in a variety of designs which can be tailored to suit EYFS age children up to primary and secondary school for Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4. Depending on the MUGA sports you would like to play, the specifications can range from artificial grass to macadam and polymeric. Each of these nearby surfaces in Advie can be line marked in different colours to outline each individual sport. The sports facility could then be used to host community events and competitions as well as activities within the school.

We would be happy to support with any questions you have about the MUGA sports pitch funding opportunities. So please fill in the quick enquiry form with your details and we’ll get back to you to discuss applications for a grant to support your closest private school improve its facility.

Multi Use Games Area Grants

If you are thinking of having a new sports pitch facility built with a multi use games area grant, there are a number of options you can choose from. Nurseries, Early Years groups and primary schools often choose to have exciting playground surfaces installed. These are popular because they can have different games and activities applied to the pitch in Advie PH26 3 with thermoplastic markings or wetpour graphics. The thermoplastic markings come in a variety of colours, shapes and designs which are heat applied to a tarmac pitch. These graphics are both fun and educational as they can include word and number games, maps, grids, targets, compasses, roadways and a huge variety of other designs.

MUGA Funding in Advie

Wetpour graphics are also installed in a range of colours within a full wetpour pitch. This is a specialist rubber flooring type which provides a soft, impact absorbing area for kids to play. The wetpour surfacing is commonly used beneath play equipment so that children can learn to climb, traverse and balance without getting hurt if they fall. Colourful shapes and graphics are often incorporated into these to create a complete, engaging play space. You can choose from a number of designs which are perfect for Early Years Foundation Stage learning, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and even up to secondary school level. These facilities are often funded because they encourage children to be active while learning new skills and having better chances in life.

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If you would like to create an outdoor pitch to use for sports rather than playing games, these can also be installed through a MUGA funding grant. Hard court surfaces like macadam and polymeric rubber are perfect for playing tennis, basketball and netball, while 3G synthetic turf provides a great specification for football and rugby. These sports facilities could also be rented out for local teams and members of the public to use, which brings the community together and increases the chances of securing a grant. Whether you want to improve education or fitness, installing a muga or purchasing athletic kits can be a great way to improve your surrounding area. 

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Please contact our expert team today if you would like some help with applying for funding to improve your school’s sports and play facilities. We have worked with many primary schools, secondary schools, nurseries and Early Years groups in Advie PH26 3 to help with create better outdoor environments through funding grants. Don’t hesitate to fill in our contact form and get started on sourcing funds today.

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